Friday, 25 January 2013

MAC Year of the Snake

Next month, MAC are launching their new limited edition cosmetics, going by the name of Year of the Snake. 

Among the products are...
Powder: A peach powder with gold tones, I think this will look fabulous with a tan due to the gold tones in it!

Eye Pencil: called 'Engraved' which is a jet black colour.

Mascara: 'Zoom lash Zoomblack', a jet black coloured mascara, great for defining lashes.

Pigments: 'Brash & Bold' - a bright pink/magenta colour.
'Push To The Edge' - a bright purple with pearl tones in it.

Eye Shadows: 'Once Upon A Time' - A cream shade with pearl tones.
'Aztec Brick' - A copper coloured shadow, will look great for a brown toned smokey eye!
'Altered Slate' - This is a dark purple/blue toned shadow.
'Carbon' - a very dark black coloured shadow, will look great with the 'Engraved' eye pencil!

Lipsticks: 'Freckletone' - Peach toned lipstick in the lustre formula.
'Plumful' - Plum/Rose coloured lipstick in the lustre formula.
'Cockney' - Red lipstick with pearl undertones, again in the lustre formula.

I can't wait to see this collection at my nearest MAC counter next month! The lipsticks are most definitely my favourite.
MAC Year of the Snake Lipstick - Cockney in the Lustre formula.
Just look at the colour of this little beaut! Most definitely, the lipstick in the colour 'Cockney' is my favourite and will definitely be my first purchase from this limited edition collection. I really like the look of the powder, so depending on how much money I can save, I think I might splurge a little and treat myself to it too!

What are your opinions of the Year of the Snake collection? Will you be buying any cosmetics from the range?


  1. Emily, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please have a neb xxxx

    1. thanks hun, i've nominated you for one too! xxxx

  2. I'm really intrigued by the "Once Upon a Time" eyeshadow. I'm definitely going to have a look into MAC next month now :)